Introducing the Nutrition4kidsng Loyalty Program.

Yes! A loyalty program where you get rewarded for being loyal to Nutrition4kidsng,

it is also our way of giving and saying thank you!

Now how does it work? Well it is quite simple,

We have two offerings for you:

  • Refer two (2) people in a month and get them to register and join the Nutrition4kidsng subscription community and you get the next month FREE.
  • If you go ahead and refer up to 6 people in a month, you win an additional cash prize of N5,000.

Value and winning right? Don’t you just love us?

Kindly note that your free membership is applied the next month and there is no carry over if you do not get the required amount of people in a month.

Now share the good news Nutrition4kidsng is preaching and tell people you are referring to put your name under the ‘how did you hear about us’ field when registering.

We love you!