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Who We Are?

NUTRITION4KIDSNG subscription community is an online (telegram and web) child nutrition subscription platform that is passionate about promoting childhood growth and development through Nutrition.

With Over 300 families impacted through our current child nutrition program, our vision is to change the narrative around food and protect the next generation of Nigerians.

What happens in the community?

  1. FARM TO TABLE: With many parents working long hours and not having easy access to freshly harvested produce, Nutrition4kidsng would provide naturally grown and harvested produce straight from the farm to their door-step. Saving cost and post-harvest loss.
  2. TRENDS ON CHILD NUTRITION: With research and data changing constantly, providing accurate and relatable information is a key part of Nutrition4kidsng goals. Parents and guardians would have access to trusted and tested information which would encourage them to make informed decisions.
  3. VISION BOARD PARTY: A physical event where parents get to mingle, relax and set NUTRITION goals for their children. Held bi-annually, these events would provide parents and guardians the opportunity to shop from their favourite child brands and also socialize with one another physically.
  4. ONE STOP SHOP FOR MADE IN NIGERIA CHILD FOOD BRANDS: Members of the community would get exclusive access to SHOP at discounted rate from various children friendly food and feeding brands in one hub. Saving you cost on not just the products but also on multiple delivery charges.
  5. RECIPE VIDEOS: Clarity and simplicity is key when making nutritious meals for all children. That’s why DETAILED, EASY and SELF-EXPLANATORY videos which showcase Nigerian meals will be made available for parents and caregivers. This ensures they are not just told what to do but also shown visually.
  6. DISCOUNTED PEDIATRIC NUTRITION CONSULTATIONS: One of the ways Nutrition4kidsng intends to decrease the statistics of children suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is through providing QUALITY AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. With a pediatric nutritionist on the team, children who have special dietary needs ranging from Obesity to Autism would be provided medical nutritional interventions to improve their outcomes.
  7. PEDS NUTRITION CHALLENGE PROGRAM: The Pediatric Nutrition Challenge program by Nutrition4kidsng provides materials in different learning styles (visual, audio, written and practical); that reorients the minds of parents on the importance of feeding children healthy homemade meals.One of the goals of the Challenge is to push parents to cook and serve different foods from all over Nigeria (from a meal plans provided) regardless of their career path, religion, socio-economic status or ethnic background. This program is unique because the meals are designed to meet the recommended dietary needs of 4 different ages groups.

and alot more!!!

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The PEDS challenge was the best thing to happen to me as a new mom

The PEDS challenge was the best thing to happen to me as a new mom. When I started introducing solids to my son, it was a Herculean task. He was very fussy and I will spend my days crying in frustration. I didn’t know the right foods to give him and exciting varieties to explore till I met Ify of @thekidnutritionist who now also introduced me to labake @workingmum_diary. Now I don’t only know how to make my son eat healthy and nutritious meals, I know exciting ways to introduce them to him and spice things up so we don’t get bored. I am proud to say that all my sons meals are balanced and nutrient dense. I wouldn’t have achieved that without the PEDS challenge. This is a challenge after my heart and I can’t wait for the PEDS 6.0.

Ezike Ifunanya

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the in-depth information, the tools made available and the hands on approach

I was a participant in the PED 5.0 challenge. I had some knowledge on nutrition (been an avid reader and very particular about what I and my family are exposed to with regards to nutrition &  health. I joined the challenge amidst a tight schedule to see what was on the offer and to glean one or two things.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the in-depth information, the tools made available and the hands on approach offered by Labake and Ify. It was an investment worth much more than the cost of registration. I was able to solve a lingering constipation issue my daughter had with the expert advice of the Pediatric Nutritionist. More so I learnt ways to make our locally sourced meals nutrient dense. The participants were wonderful, sharing our success and failures along the challenge. Ify and Labake well done guys!!! I am signing up for the next challenge along with 5 other Mamas.
If you have never been on this challenge, Mama do yourself and your loved ones a favor…. JOIN THE CHALLENGE ! ……you can thank me later….

Stella IB

 It was an amazing 14 days for me I practically learnt more than enough

 It was an amazing 14 days for me I practically learnt more than enough. How and what to feed my kids with isn’t a problem any more to me…the combinations n varieties to suit there taste bud yet nutrient dense. I was turned into a kid nutritionist over night with PEDS 🤣🤣…PEDS ROCK!!! What I learnt are numerous…business ideas even …waiting earnestly for the next PEDS challenge. My baby’s weight is super super increased now!
Mummy Uriel n Zuriel

PED 5.0 had a lovable community of mums and facilitators who were hands on

 I joined PED challenge right on time when my son was about six months. Yes I knew I wanted to be all natural, organic, homemade, nutrient dense, quality nutrition kinda mom but the problem was how to go about it as a first time mum. PED 5.0 had a lovable community of mums and facilitators who were hands on to teach and make the 2wks challenge seamless, lectures were well detailed. You learn about the right composition of foods, how to cook, what to add, what to cook, when to cook, It was basically simplified into ABC. My son gets to eat varieties from the basic foodstuff I have at home, all I have to do is apply the CPF formula…..scratch that, you have to join the next challenge to understand that acronym.

The time, money and attention invested was totally worth it

 I am a proud participant of the PEDS challenge and i must say it was really an eye opener to all things child nutrition. From feeding all classes of foods to proper combinations, healthy thirst quenchers, deworming  and several insightful and interesting topics. The facilitators i.e Labby with the stickers and Ify with the spring sprong phonetics are vast in knowledge and they answered questions with so much enthusiasm to help. The time, money and attention invested was totally worth it. They are the real MVPs.

Looking forward to the next PEDS challenge.

Omoikhunu Patience

I did a 2 week no artificial drink and biscuit for my toddler

I was fortunate to be among PED 1.0 so when PED 5.0 came I was so pumped…The things I learnt  from PED 5.0 was so enlightening but most importantly I learnt how to give my kids healthy snacks and food in general. I did a 2 week no artificial drink and biscuit for my toddler and just healthy snacks… it is safe to say we have remained on the journey due to PEDS 5.0 all thanks to our facilitators…I really implore all parents to try and join..We owe it to our kids to give them healthy meals and lifestyle..I can’t wait for the next thing ify and labake will reveal because  I know they are always on top of their game…
Mrs. Quadri